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Rests - Whole, Half, Quarter and Eighth Notes

Updated: Feb 21

Semibreve, Minim, Crotchet and Quaver Rests

Space in music is as important as the notes that are played. It’s what gives music rhythm.

In a rhythm guitar part it’s what can give the part groove and life. 

Here I’ll show you the rest equivalent of the note values we looked at in a previous lesson. 

A rest means silence so on the guitar we need to stop the strings from ringing.

We can either place the strumming hand down on the strings or quickly grab the strings with the fretting hand, or both to really make sure the notes have stopped. 

Guitar Music Theory - Rests - Quarter, Whole, Half and Eighth Notes

Start to experiment with leaving space in your guitar playing, it is often said “less is more”


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