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About The Book and Videos

About The Book and Videos

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The Book
Online Course

Having been teaching for over 20 years I know all the mistakes and bad habits someone learning the guitar makes. These can really slow down someones progress or even make them give up.

This book and online course was written with this in mind. I will take you from knowing absolutely nothing about the guitar or music  and I will show you all the skills, good habits and techniques to get your guitar playing up to speed in a short amount of time.

Every lesson in the book/course is accompanied with a song so you can put the technique you are learning straight into practice. Helping you cement the technique before moving on to the next lesson. The lessons also build on from each other so you will be applying everything you are learning all the time.

All the lessons in the book have online videos teaching you or you use the online course so it's like having me in the room teaching you as you go along. Always reminding you of how to do things correctly and what to avoid. Whilst also demoing everything and giving you a chance to play along with the video performances of all the songs and exercises.

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