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Counting and Playing.

Counting while playing Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes (Crotchets and Quavers)

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All 8th and Quarter Note Rhythms
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Being able to count out loud while playing guitar or any musical instrument is a huge skill to have. I liken it to using google maps, not counting is like using an old school paper map. Very easy to get lost and not know where you are. Whereas counting you know exactly where you are at all times, not only within the song but down to the exact beat of the bar you are playing.

In this video we will practise playing and counting while playing quarter notes and eighth notes. 

The key here is to count out loud and follow the counting. Don’t count along to your playing as people have a tendency to pause and slow down when doing this.

Think of your counting like an army general getting his troops to march. Loud and strong.

Keep the strumming hand moving all the time for these exercises. Remember the strumming hand is moving like a grandfather clock ticking. Tic (down) - Toc (up). Basically it is always moving to an 8th note rhythm.

So to play a quarter note you strum just the down, then for 8th notes you strum the down and up movement.

Remember don’t strum too hard or bury the pick in the strings

Quarter Note (Crochet) One note per beat
Eighth Notes (Quavers) Two notes per beat


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