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First Strumming Pattern Part 1 - 2 Minute Lesson.

Let's have a look at a couple of strumming patterns using quarter and eighth notes. In the previous lessons. I explained how your strumming hand is always moving down and up when strumming a rhythm. So for quarter notes, you just strum the down part of the movement and for eighth notes, you strum on both the down and up part of the movement.

Remember to think of your hand as like a clock ticking and you choose which parts of the movement strike the strings to make the rhythms you want.

So for the 1st rhythm you are playing two quarter notes followed by 4 eighth notes. Remember to keep the strumming hand moving, count out loud and only strum the first 3 or 4 strings on the down strum.

Rhythm 1

Rhythm 2 is a quarter note followed by 2 eighth notes, then a quarter note followed by 2 eighth notes again. Keep everything even. Counting is your friend here.

Rhythm 2


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