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Low and High - Advanced Guitar Strumming - Sound Like A Pro

Updated: Feb 21

Splitting chords up into their lower notes and higher notes is a lot more musical than strumming all the strings at the same time. Listen carefully to any good acoustic rhythm part and you will hear this. You’ll also hear this in any good rhythm part piano too.

It’s much easier to see on the piano as chords are split over two hands, the left hand playing lower notes and the right hand playing higher notes. 

Applying this to the guitar, the thicker strings are the same as the piano players left hand (low notes) and the skinner strings are the same as the pianos players right hand (high notes)

Here I’ll show you on an E minor chord. Play the lower 3 stings for the first beat then the  higher strings on the second beat, low again on 3 and high on beat 4.

Em guitar chord

I’ve tabbed it out and written it out in rhythm notation too.

Em advanced strumming pattern
Low, High Strumming. Tabbed

Em chord, advanced strumming pattern
Low, High Strumming. Rhythm Notation


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