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Root and Chord - Advanced Strumming

Updated: Feb 29

Root and Chord - Advanced Strumming Technique

Like we looked at in the Low - High video, splitting chords up into their lower notes and higher notes is a lot more musical than strumming all the strings at the same time. Here we will go a step further and target the root note of the chord on the 1st beat of the bar. This is such a common technique used by so many musicians, not just guitar players.

The root note of a chord is the lowest note in that chord, so without going into too much theory, play the lowest string in that chord. So if a chord is 6 strings, 

G, Em, It will be the note you're playing on that string. G = 3rd fret 6th string, Em = 6th string open. 


C and Am have their root notes on the 5th string


D and F have their root notes on the 4th string


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