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Counting Whole, Half, Quarter and Eighth Notes - 2 Minute Lesson.

Counting Whole, Half, Quarter and Eighth Notes. Also know as Semibreves, Minims, Crotchets and Quavers.

Counting is such an important part of playing any musical instrument, especially the guitar. 

Letting notes ring for different lengths, long, short and putting space between notes creates rhythms and grooves. So if you want to be a good musician you need to understand the different note values and how they line up with the beats. Counting is the best way to achieve this. Lets look at the different note values and how to count them.

Music Theory on note values. Whole Note, Half Note, Quarter Note, Eighth Note, Guitar Theory

Semibreve/Whole Note – This note is 4 beats long (ringing for the full 4 beats of the bar, or the whole bar, hence the name Whole Note).

Minim/Half Note – This note is 2 beats long (2 beats being half a bar, again you can see where the name comes from).

Crotchet/Quarter Note – 1/4 of a bar long, this note is 1 beat long.

Quaver/Eighth Note – This note is half of a beat long, two notes per beat = 8 of these per bar.

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