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First Strumming Patterns Part 2 - 2 Minute Lesson.

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Let's take your strumming skills up a level and also make you sound more accomplished and professional with one easy technique.

Very simply, how we do this is to split up our chords into low and high notes. I'll show you in the video how the Em chord we play on the guitar takes two hands on the piano. So if we think like a piano player. Who has lower notes in their left hand and higher notes in their right hand and apply this to our strumming we will instantly sound so much better when playing rhythms on the guitar.

So when strumming we will be more accurate with our movements, so very important we strum with the wrist so we can get this accuracy.

So looking at rhythm 1 from the last lesson.

On beat one strum the lower 2 - 3 strings of the chord then for the rest of the bar only strum the upper 3 - 4 strings.

This gives a much more musical sound, as we actually have different note lengths happening at the same time.

When you strum the lower strings on the first beat and then strum the other strings, the lower strings are ringing out for 4 beats while you play the rest of the rhythm on the top strings. Giving a more textured and three dimensional sound.

Making you sound like a pro instantly.


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