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C Major Chord, get it ringing clearly - 2 Minute Lesson.

C Major for a beginner can be a tricky chord to play. It requires the 3 techniques I spoke about in the fretting hand video to be near on perfect. They are..

  • Press down on the strings with the tip (pad) of your fingers.

  • Keep an arch/curve in your fingers.

  • Place your fingers as close to the front to the fret as possible

With C, getting the stretch between the three fingers can be tricky, you may not have the stretch just yet but this will come in time with practice.

C Major Guitar Chord
Remember X on the 6th string means you don't strum it


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The notes of C major are

1 = C

3 = E

5 = G

C Major Guitar Voicing
Voicing on the guitar - C E G C E


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