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Your first easy song - 2 Minute Lesson.

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

I'll show you a very basic and easy song I wrote for you as your first song. It's just using two chords Em and Am. Starting with two bars of Em moving to 2 bars of Am. So giving you plenty of time to move between the two chords

I've given you a choice of two rhythms (feel free to use your own)

The first is very basic, just 4 strums per bar but a great place to get you playing straight away.

Rhythm 1 - Basic Beginner

The second rhythm is a little bit more advanced but sounds more musical. Firstly I split the chords into their lower and higher notes. Start with the low notes of the chord on the first beat of the bar then strum eighth notes for the rest of the bar on the higher strings.

Rhythm 2 - Intermediate Beginner

Remember the first time we try anything won't go as well as we would hope. So don't be hard on yourself, it happens to everyone. This will get better every time you play it so just keep at it


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