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The C Chord on Guitar. How to get it to ring clearly and all other chords on the Guitar.

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The C Major Chord can be very difficult for beginner guitar players. Here I Show you 5 things to help you to get it and all chords to ring clearly. 3 things for your fretting hand and 2 things for your strumming hand

1. Press On The Strings with the Tips/Pads of Your Fingers

2. Have an arch in your fingers

3. Press at the Front of The Fret

4. Strum with your wrist

5. Skim The Top of the strings (don't burry your pick when strumming)

This video supplements a chapter from my book called First Chords where I go into great detail about C and many other chords

Please check out my book where I go into this chord and so much more in great detail. Every chapter and technique has a song to learn which will cement everything I teach you. The book comes with 9 hours of video lessons and demonstrations as well as audio files for you to practice and play along to.



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