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Palm Muting Guitar - Great for Rock, Metal & more.

Palm muting is a very commonly used technique used on electric and acoustic guitar. Probably its most common use is in rock and metal music. By placing your palm down on the string at the point at which it starts to vibrate, you get a muted attack. Great for use with power chords, riffs and often used in R&B and Funk lines.

It’s very hard to show in the video as once the hand goes down it is blocking the view of what is happening. I have a photo here showing you where to place the flesh of the side of your palm on the strings.

How to palm mute on the guitar. Rock, metal Guitar technique

Basically it's where the strings start to vibrate at the bridge. Experiment with sliding your hand back and forth to hear the difference in the sound. You don’t want to be too far from the bridge as that will completely stop the sting from vibrating. You need the string to still vibrate while muting the attack of the string.


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