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String Names and String Numbers - 2 Minute Lesson

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

In this video I explain the names of the notes of the open strings on the guitar. I also explain the numbers of the strings. It’s not what most people think.

The 1st string (high E) is the skinniest string on the guitar, most people think it’s the thickest string as it’s the closest one to you. The thickest string (low E) is the 6th string. I explain why they are numbered this way.

  • 1st string – E (highest)

  • 2nd string – B

  • 3rd string – G

  • 4th string – D

  • 5th string – A

  • 6th string – E (lowest)

Also another confusing thing is what we refer to as the top and bottom strings. We call the 3 thicker strings the Bottom strings this is because they are lower in pitch, so low notes = bottom strings.

The 3 skinner strings are higher in pitch so called the top strings.

Showing you the string names and numbers on the Guitar
Guitar string names and numbers


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