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Spider Exercise (Easy Version) - 2 Minute Lesson.

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The spider exercise is a great exercise to train your fingers to stay in position. The full exercise isn't the easiest so, I've made a slightly easier version of it for you. I do show you the full exercise in the video but start with the easier version before attempting the full exercise.

There is one golden rule here for this exercise and that is..

Once you place a finger down you have to hold it in place until it is needed again.

Resist lifting them as this trains them to stay over each fret and in position when they aren't down on a fret.

Spider Exercise Guitar. Free Video Guitar Lessons for beginner guitarist. Left Hand Technique. Picking Technique

As always, play this as slowly as you need to. If it's really difficult just do the first bar over and over.

Don't worry about picking at the start but as you improve start to alternate pick too. It becomes a great warm up exercise for both the left and right hand then


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