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Alternate Picking - 3 picking motions to play faster and smoother - 2 Minute Lesson.

Updated: Feb 8

When alternate picking we need to master 3 different picking motions. Even just knowing about these is a huge step in the right direction to being able to play faster and smoother.

The three picking motions are:

  • Outside string picking

  • Same string picking

  • Inside string picking

Alternate Picking Lesson for smoother and faster playing. Free Video guitar lesson. Clem Buckley

Playing the first 4 notes of the C Major scale in open position we will use all 3 motions.

C Major Scale - Free Video Guitar Lesson
C Major Scale - Open Position

Just looking at the first 5 notes...

Pick the very first note down on the 5th string, then pass the 4th string to come back and pick it up (Outside). The next two notes are on the same string so picking them down, up. (Same String)

Next we need to pick the 3rd string open. So having just picked the last note on the 4th string up we move to the 3rd string with a down motion. (Inside)

So the scale goes Outside, Same, Same, Inside.

This keeps a steady down, up, down, up, throughout the scale. So mastering these 3 motions will hugely help you get around the guitar much quicker.

In a nutshell whenever you are moving to a new string it will either be an Outside or Inside motion when you are alternate picking.


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