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Open Position Scales you need to know. Start of the CAGED System. G Major, E Minor, C Major A Minor

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Knowing your scales on the guitar is crucial to developing as a musician. You need them to learn how to write music and improvise on the guitar.

Here I show you the G Major / E minor and the C Major / A minor scales in the open position.

I show you the extended notes above and below in these scales. Great for adding lead lines to your chords or passing notes for your chord changes. I find many guitarist don’t know these scales and are afraid to play anything other than the chords and so are missing out on so many creative opportunities.

These scale shapes are also the basis for the CAGED system so knowing them in the open position as well as up the fretboard is a great beginning to your creative freedom.

This video supplements many chapters from my book C Major Scale, Putting It All Together, Passing Notes, Pass It On, Into The Pink and Riff Ideas

Please check out my book where I go into this adding passing notes to chords, riffs to you chords and lead lines to your songs in the styles of Folk, Country, Blue, Rock, Funk and more in great detail. Every chapter and technique has a song to learn which will cement everything I teach you. The book comes with 9 hours of video lessons and demonstrations as well as audio files for you to practice and play along to.



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Download Scale Tabs and Diagrams

C and Am Open Scales
Download PDF • 240KB

G and Em Open Scales
Download PDF • 222KB


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