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Capo's Pt1 - How to put one on and keep the guitar in tune, different types and their many uses.

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

In this video guitar lesson I will show you how to use a capo

  • How to put the capo on and keep the guitar in tune

  • Uses for a capo (change the key, make the guitar sound like another instrument)

  • Capo vs Barre Chords

  • Mimic an open tuning (drop d tuning)

  • Different types of capos

  • Adding a second guitar part to a song

The capo is often thought of as something just beginners use but I will show you a few things in this video that would be considered more advanced techniques and knowledge.

Getting a capo on can be tricky as people often put it on and find that their guitar is out of tune after putting one on . The trick to getting it on and keeping the guitar in tune is this.

  • Hold down the strings the fret ahead of where you’re placing the capo

  • Place the front of the capo down on the strings around the middle of the fret

  • Allow the the back to release holding the strings in place

  • Give each string a little pull as sometimes the capo can snag the strings

In the 2nd video to this I will show you how to work out what key you’re in when using a capo or what shapes to use to get you in the key of a song.

Please check out my book where I go more things like this like adding passing notes to chords, riffs to you chords and lead lines to your songs in the styles of Folk, Country, Blue, Rock, Funk and more in great detail. Every chapter and technique has a song to learn which will cement everything I teach you. The book comes with 9 hours of video lessons and demonstrations as well as audio files for you to practice and play along to.



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Download Capo keys guide.

Capo Keys
Download PDF • 101KB


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