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Guitar For The Outright Beginner - Online Course

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Whether you are learning on an acoustic or an electric guitar, this course and accompanying videos will take you from knowing nothing about the guitar or music, to being well on your journey to mastering the instrument. With over twenty years teaching experience, I know all the mistakes students make and bad habits they can form when learning. I will help you avoid these, while also showing you the quickest way to learn the guitar and the language of music. We will cover everything from basics to advanced techniques with everything explained in nearly nine hours of videos lessons. Each song in this course looks at a new technique, building on from the last, with audio examples to play along with at slow and full speed. Lessons Covered in this course Tuning the Guitar Your First Chord Strumming How to Read Tabs / Rhythms / Chord Charts Basic to Advanced Rhythms How to Speed Up Your Chord Changes Rhythm, Riffs and Lead Guitar Scales and Theory Picking Techniques Finger Picking Palm Muting Legato (Hammer-ons and Pull-offs) Barre Chords Soloing Styles Covered: Pop Rock Heavy Rock Country Fingerstyle Funk Blues

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