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With over 20 years of teaching experience I've seen all the mistakes and bad habits beginner guitar players make that will slow down and hold you back.

I wrote my book and online course with all of this in mind. Let me teach you in a step by step manner so you can be the best guitarist and musician you can be.

From your first chord to your first guitar solo.

The perfect online course for beginner to intermediate guitar players.

Over 9 hours of video lessons with multi-camera angles and close ups.

30 songs to learn, each written to teach you all the important and correct techniques. With accompanying free song lessons on the site. 

Tuning The Guitar,

How To Sit With & Hold The Guitar. Best Strumming & Fretting Hand Techniques,

How To Read TAB, Chord Diagrams and Chord Charts.

Strumming Rhythms.

How To Count and Read Rhythms. Alternate Picking.

Playing Scales.

Speed Up Your Chord Changes. 

 Splitting Up A Chord

Root and Fifth Bass Lines.

Dotted Notes, Ties & Syncopation. Music Theory.

Chords of a Major Scale.

Triplets & Swing Rhythm.

Blues Shuffle.

Pushing Chords.

Adding Passing Notes and Melodies to chords.

Legato (Hammer On's and Pull Off's) 

Pentatonic Scales.


Playing Riffs.

Palm Muting.

Sixteenth Notes. Barre Chords. Finger Style/Finger Picking. Compound Time.

Hybrid Picking.

Quarter Note Triplets. Dotted Eight Notes.

String Bending.

And Much More

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Book and Online Guitar Course for Beginner and Intermediate Guitarists. Guitar Lessons Kinsale
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